Ian Waugh & Genuine Relating – Part 1

Ian Waugh & Genuine Relating – Part 1

Recently, I have been requested and encouraged by a number of my clients and close colleagues to begin writing and speaking about, and to explain the workings of Genuine Relating. Traditionally, I resisted doing this sort of thing as I tell myself I am not very good at explaining myself through the written word and give myself other negative messages like “Who would be interested anyway?”  My preferred means of communication, the spoken word or dialogue, is at the core of Genuine Relating and is the conduit for deep and authentic relationships.  For me, the writing process is one of challenge and struggle to convey my message succinctly and honour my heartfelt need to be understood and known deeply and intimately.  This self-disclosure may prove to be an effective segue to this blog: A brief introduction into Genuine Relating. So here it goes!

So, why tell you about my communication inadequacies and why introduce Genuine Relating in this way? The point I am attempting to highlight here is that Genuine Relating is the ongoing process of being authentic and real, showing you all that I am, the good and the stuff I have to work really hard at.  In Genuine Relating, I resist the urge to abandon my relational integrity by hiding out and attempting to convince you I am something that I’m not, or persuade you that I’m OK, that I have dealt with my stuff and I am now an expert in my field and have all the answers to your relationship woes. Alternatively, I choose to become more real and vulnerable and share my story in a more genuine and authentic way and together build honest, deep and truly intimate relationships. This open authentic relating style is what is at the core of Genuine Relating.

If you would like to make positive change and improve your emotional well-being or would like to out how relational counselling could help you or your family then please contact me now.

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