Addiction therapist Tweed Heads

Addiction therapist Tweed Heads

Are you looking for an addiction therapist at Tweed Heads? Bridging the Barriers provides addiction therapy services on the Tweed Coast and has assisted many people suffering from addictions regain control of their lives. We provide a safe and supportive counselling environment and offer advice, education, recovery and treatment options.

By working with you over the counselling stage we will build a personalised addiction recovery plan that is designed to maximise the best possible outcome and increase your ongoing success.

We offer a holistic approach that not only takes care of you, but provides family support, and support to loved ones and people around you that have been affected by your addiction.

By treating you and providing support and education to the people in your life you will not only have a much better chance of a successful recovery, but a much better chance of avoiding relapses and living your life well into the future free from addiction.

The integrated recovery programs and services I offer are influenced by relational Gestalt therapy, contemporary spirituality and integrative practices, which are all supported by the latest addiction research and best practice.

My addiction therapist Tweed Heads service is completely confidential and held in a safe and supportive environment. I realise and completely understand the stigma and sensitivity in the issues that can be associated with the many different forms of addiction and addiction recovery and guarantee that I operate a private and discreet practice.

I work closely with families, couples and loved ones in your life by educating and guiding them through the complexities of living with addiction and the treatment process involved. When a person seeking help for their addiction has family support and the support of partners and loved ones during the recovery process, the chances of a sustained recovery is greatly increased.

I also offer a after care service as part of my addiction therapy counselling services that includes post-treatment care and planning, relapse management and recovery coaching. I liaise with your addiction treatment and rehab provider to optimise the best possible outcome and success in losing your addiction.

If you have recently become aware that you are suffering from an addiction, the time to act is now. Delaying the treatment of an addiction can not only make the recovery process much harder, but it can cause irreversible damage to your health, your finances, employment and cause the destruction of relationships in your life.

If you are searching on the web Addiction therapist Tweed Heads, you have taking the first step in your recovery. The second step is to take action and to get in contact to find out how my addiction therapist Tweed Heads services can get you free from your addiction and back in control of your life.

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