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If you need some counselling but you’re not comfortable speaking in person (or restrictions don’t allow it), you may consider my online counselling option.  

With a world more and more adapted to being online, online counselling is becoming a more common practice.

You can rest assured that you still receive the same amount of attention and that your session is 100% confidential. Online counselling has always been an important part of my counselling practice and is proven to be an effective alternative to face-to-face counselling.

Online counselling can help you with:

  • Relationship difficulties
  • Personal concerns
  • Stress, anxiety, or depression
  • Addiction issues
  • Any problems you’re facing in life

If you need help, I’m available via the phone or online, so please reach out.


Online counselling services for the Tweed Coast

Personal Counselling

Have you found yourself wishing you could talk to an independent person for some real advice? Not the ‘helpful’ advice family or friends lovingly offer?

You can trust in counselling if you’ve got issues in your life where you need independent advice.

From past hurt or trauma to not understanding your current situation or significant life changes, counselling can help.

Couples Counselling

Life can be tough, and the added stresses in our lives can start to cause a strain on our relationships. They may be current stresses or past hurt or trauma that hasn’t been dealt with.

Relationship counselling is not about blame. It’s about revealing what’s troubling you, understanding each other, deepening communication, healing and managing emotions.

Addiction Counselling

If you find yourself relying on a vice to get through the day, you may be suffering from an addiction. They can come at any stage of life, and no one is immune.

You may find yourself addicted to alcohol, drugs, smoking, gambling, eating disorders, shopping, sex or work.

No matter what your vice, addiction counselling is a safe way to help you heal and recover.

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What you can expect from online counselling

As with any form of counselling, whether online or in person, you can expect always to feel supported in a confidential environment.

Over the first few sessions, we start to discuss what is causing your concern in life. We don’t look backwards but will look at your ‘current here and now’ situation.

We’ll then work together to formulate a plan to help you overcome what is troubling you. And it can be anything from poor mental health, relationship issues, depression or anxiety to trauma and addiction.

You’re free to openly discuss whatever comes up, and you can be assured that I’m not here to judge you. I’m here to listen and equip you with the tools to heal, move forwards and live your best possible life.

I will be in my office (alone), and you’re encouraged to find a quiet place where you’ll also feel free to talk.

You’re also more than welcome to have a support person on the call with you if you need.

How you’ll benefit from online counselling for personal, relationship or addiction issues

When you join me for online counselling, you’ll:

  • Learn how to build better, stronger and more intimate relationships
  • Improve your emotional wellbeing and learn how to control negative reactions to situations
  • Heal past hurt and trauma that is holding you back from living life to the fullest
  • Move beyond your addictions to live a healthier life
  • Enjoy a well-balanced and happy life

Want to book an online counselling session?

If you’d like more information about my online counselling services or to book an appointment, please reach out today.
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