Addiction Counselling Tweed Heads

Addiction Counselling Tweed Heads

Do your require addiction counselling in Tweed Heads? Bridging the Barriers provides safe and supportive addiction counselling for people suffering from addictions in Tweed Heads and on the Gold Coast.

Addictions can often take control of people’s lives and unless treated can potentially manifest into a condition that can deeply effect one’s life. Addictions come in many different forms and are not always related to drugs and substance abuse. An addiction is best described as a behaviour or habit that an individual is unable to stop. Addictions can be in the forms of alcohol, smoking, sex, gambling, eating disorders, shopping and much more.

Addiction is a disorder and chronic dysfunction of the brain system that involves a reward with the lack of concern of the consequences of the reward.

The consequences of an addiction can have a damaging impact on individuals, families and communities. If you have recently become aware of a repetitive behaviour that is affecting your life, the time to act is now.

Leaving an addiction unchecked and allowed to grow can in some extreme cases lead to irreversible damage to an individual’s health, relationships, finances and mental health. Chronic addictions to certain drugs and alcohol can even lead to death.

I understand that anyone at any stage of their life can fall victim to an addiction. In many cases starting as a coping method to deal with past or present situations the individual doesn’t want to face.

I have been an Addiction counselling Tweed Heads provider for over 20 years and offer a holistic approach to addiction counselling that not only helps you, but helps the people in your life that have also been affected by your addiction. I work closely with families and couples by educating and guiding them through the addiction treatment process. I also provide an aftercare services that includes relapse management, treatment planning and a support plan that optimises the best possible outcome and long term success.

If you are aware of a repetitive behaviour or addiction that is affecting your life, I am here to help.
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