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It’s a scary world out there. We are bombarded with media reports of drug and alcohol fueled violence on our streets, in our entertainment venues, businesses and break addiction blog imagehomes. Domestic and family violence is on the increase. We are told society is engaged in a war against drugs and that the war is coming to a city, suburb, town, street or family near you. We hear of the horror stories of how our society is being invaded by addiction, which is producing unprecedented levels of mental illness. Our health and criminal systems are overloaded and reaching breaking point. The casualties of this invasion are our families and our loved ones. We all know of someone who knows someone who is caught up in this self-destructive and devastating cycle. We watch helplessly, as families are ripped apart by a loved one’s addiction.

Addictions come in many colours and flavours, which include drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex and power to name just a few. Addiction comes with social judgements and stigma combined with the shame of having a family member or loved one struggle with this condition. How do we find help and what is this thing called addiction anyway?

What works and don’t work?

A search of the internet produces more questions then answers as we explore the raft of conflicting information about the cause of addiction and its treatment. There is a school of thought that suggests that addiction is an incurable disease only treatable by total abstinence. The counter school of thought argues addiction is a habit which needs to be broken and managed by better self-control. More recently neuroscience has waded in suggesting addiction is a result of an imbalance in brain chemistry brought about by the overuse of the substance or behaviour. Then there is the argument about the best way to treat addiction: Long term versus short-term rehabilitation; hospital versus health farm; therapy versus coaching; abstinence versus control: 12 step programs versus psychology; pharmaceuticals versus nutrition and the list goes on and on.

Families are confused and report spending tens of thousands of dollars as they attempt to find a solution that works for their loved one’s addiction. Others do what is called the rehab shuffle as they move in and out of the publicly funded system looking for answers. What is a common experience in all of this is the pain and misery experienced by the person struggling with addiction and their family. I offer practical solutions that work! I work with you and your family to create a personalised plan to address your concerns. I support families to beat addictions even if their love.

If you would like to make positive change and beat your addiction or would like to find out how addiction coaching can help you or your family then please contact me now.

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