Do you need counselling for relationship issues, addiction concerns and more?

As an accredited counsellor and Gestalt trained psychotherapist, I know that dealing with concerns arising from emotions, mental health, relationships, or addictions are not easy to do alone. Your thoughts can become overwhelming, leaving you confused and not knowing what to do next.

Counselling helps you to focus on what is happening in your life right now. You’ll discover how to free yourself of the negative thought patterns and behaviours that may be preventing you from moving forward with the life you deserve.

Founded in 2007 on the Tweed Coast, my supportive counselling service provides you with a safe environment to:

  • Resolve your life crises
  • Heal relationship problems
  • Deal with emotional and mental health difficulties
  • Tackle your addiction concerns

I know it’s not always easy to reach out for counselling, but you can rest assured my counselling process and Gestalt therapy is gentle, and you’ll always be treated with the utmost respect as we work together to resolve your difficulties.

You can read more about my counselling services here, or email or call me on 0413 653 396 to find out how Gestalt therapy and counselling can work for you.

Gestalt trained psychotherapist and counsellor

Hi, I’m Ian, a trained psychotherapist and counsellor who holds a Masters in Gestalt Therapy and a clinical registration through the Australian Counselling Association. I aim to create an atmosphere where the healing potential of genuine relating can grow and flourish, and foster a relational attitude that values personal uniqueness, deep connection and belonging.

Counselling services offered to individuals, couples or families

I can assist individuals, couples and families struggling with mental health or relationship issues, as well as addiction. I offer:

  • Counselling and Gestalt therapy
  • Relationship counselling
  • Addiction recovery counselling & solutions
  • Online counselling services

How you’ll benefit from counselling and Gestalt therapy

  • You’ll learn how to build better relationships
  • You’ll improve your emotional wellbeing
  • You’ll heal past hurts and traumas
  • You’ll move beyond your addictions
  • You’ll enjoy a well lived life

What is Gestalt Therapy in counselling?

Gestalt Therapy is a relational approach to psychotherapy and counselling. Emerging out of the psychoanalytic movement of the early 1950’s, Gestalt therapy has evolved to be now recognised as a sensitive and robust mainstream therapeutic approach, grounded in self – awareness, genuine relating and experiential learning promoting growth, healing, and change.

Gestalt Therapy assists in resolving mental health and emotional difficulties that may present in your life as: anxiety, depression, stress, low self-esteem, life crisis, relationship problems, or addiction concerns.

What does Genuine Relating in counselling mean?

Genuine Relating is a unique approach to counselling and psychotherapy. This dynamic interactive relational approach is central to my professional practice and services. Genuine Relating values heartfelt connection while honouring our individual uniqueness and wholeness. 

Genuine Relating moves us beyond our focus on self to a deeper connection with others, and the world around. Genuine Relating is grounded in relational Gestalt therapy, contemporary spirituality, and the latest evidence-based practices. Genuine Relating builds better relationship, optimal emotional and mental health and heals addiction.

Relationship counselling using Genuine Relating

Genuine Relating explores the hidden ‘stuff’ we each bring to our relationships. It is this hidden stuff that affects the quality of our interactions, distorting our sense of connection and belonging. We are often unaware of what triggers us into negative interactions, and feeling hurt, rejected, or frustrated by things others might unknowingly do or say. 

Likewise, others may be easily offended by our comments or actions that were not intended to create harm our hurt. It is within these murky waters of relating that difficulties, heartache and longing arise. However, when our interactions are flowing optimally these murky waters clear, allowing genuine connection and a deeper sense of belonging to be present.

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