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There is no one size fits all when it comes to why someone becomes an alcoholic or addicted to drugs and other activities e.g. gambling. Most of us start drinking, using drugs and engaging in other activities socially because we enjoy the pleasurable effect. For many of us we enjoy the substance or activity without experiencing any real consequence to our intimate, family or social relationships. If we do we will usually modify or cease our substance use or activities. Our relationships with our partner, family and friends and other important priorities are given priority over our relationship with our substance or activity.

On the other hand some of us do experience negative consequences and find that when we decide to modify or cease our substance use or activities of choice that we cannot. We discover that the substance or activity has become a fixed way of being at the exclusion of our intimate relationships and other important priorities in our life. We discover we are addicted.

Couples, parents, families and friends are left wondering what went so terribly wrong. They feel responsible along with the shame and social stigma associated with having a loved one struggling with alcoholism or addiction. Those close are left feeling powerless and that life is out of control and they fear the worst for their loved one.
Most of us have very little knowledge or understanding of the dynamics of addiction and the process of recovery.

Ian offers couples, families and individuals the proper guidance and support needed to beat addiction. We assist with the resources and tools needed to best support the recovery process.

Ian empowers families, couples and individuals in the recovery process through:

• Recovery Consulting and Mentoring
• Addiction Wellness Plans
• Counselling, Advocacy and Education


By fully engaging in these proven processes you will bridge the barriers that block you and your family from achieving a full recovery from active addiction and alcoholism.

How it works

Simply give me a call for a confidential conversation to find out how I can best assist you to beat addiction. From there you can book a formal session where we will start the process of recovery.

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Your Confidentiality is Guaranteed

Bridging the Barriers provides private and confidential consultations and assessments. We design and deliver personalised recovery management plans, programs and solutions that are realistic, life changing and achieve outstanding results.

Bridging the Barriers is here to help!

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