Ian Waugh (www.ianwaugh.com.au)  has a rich history and depth of experience in the field of addiction and recovery as well as his lived experience of active addiction and personal/family recovery.

Ian founded Bridging the Barriers in 2004 and in the ensuing years has consulted to both public and private rehabilitation centres on programming and client care.

Ian, through Bridging the Barriers, has in the past provided professional development and training to the community sector and has operated a private recovery program, treating addiction and mentoring individuals and families through the recovery process.

Ian’s focus within Bridging the Barriers is his passion for addiction recovery, consulting, mentoring and advocacy work. Currently, Ian draws on his wealth of experience within the field of addiction recovery to provide support, education and to counsel families, couples and individuals on how to best deal with active addiction, alcoholism and associated recovery matters.

Bridging the Barriers Addiction Recovery Solutions operates within Ian’s private practice located in Tweed Heeds – Coolangatta, Brisbane and online. (www.ianwaugh.com.au

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Your Confidentiality is Guaranteed

Bridging the Barriers provides private and confidential consultations and assessments. We design and deliver personalised recovery management plans, programs and solutions that are realistic, life changing and achieve outstanding results.

Bridging the Barriers is here to help!

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Tweed Heads, Coolangatta and Brisbane Queensland, Australia