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Family Relationships – An example of change

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Family relationships can become tricky at times. Recently, I had a conversation with a client who I have seen regularly over the years. She was reflecting on herfamily relationships blog image experience on how her relationships with her family and herself had changed for the positive. I will call the client Sally and present this article as a case study to protect her identity and confidentiality.

Why Counselling and Psychotherapy?

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We seek out medical assistance when we have physical problems and feel unwell, this response seems to come naturally. However, seeking assistance for emotional feeling overwhelmed blog imageand mental health problems seems to come less naturally for most of us. We live in a culture where we are perceived to be weak or needy if we ask for help in relation to our emotional concerns and issues.

Relational Awareness

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Relational awareness is an acquired skill integral to building authentic relationships and deeper connections. Relational awareness can enhance our intimatecounselling blog image interactions and connections with our partners, family, colleagues, casual acquaintances and the world around us. Healthy authentic relationships require us to be fully present and clear in all our relational interactions and accept the other person for who they truly are and not to attempt to change them to who they are not. Through building relational awareness we can develop the art of mindful relating.

Recovery Coaching and Family Recovery

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It’s a scary world out there. We are bombarded with media reports of drug and alcohol fueled violence on our streets, in our entertainment venues, businesses and break addiction blog imagehomes. Domestic and family violence is on the increase. We are told society is engaged in a war against drugs and that the war is coming to a city, suburb, town, street or family near you. We hear of the horror stories of how our society is being invaded by addiction, which is producing unprecedented levels of mental illness. Our health and criminal systems are overloaded and reaching breaking point.