Why Counselling and Psychotherapy?

We seek out medical assistance when we have physical problems and feel unwell, this response seems to come naturally. However, seeking assistance for emotional feeling overwhelmed blog imageand mental health problems seems to come less naturally for most of us. We live in a culture where we are perceived to be weak or needy if we ask for help in relation to our emotional concerns and issues.

The prominent narrative in today’s culture has supported the so called hero’s journey of the rugged self-sufficient individual who can suck it up, or as that terrible saying goes “take a teaspoon of concrete and toughen up”. Thankfully, this narrative is changing of late due to the increased publicity and education within the media regarding mental health. We are actively encouraged to reach out and ask for help or to just simply check in with someone we may be concerned about.

The prevalent drive towards self-sufficiency and the ‘go-it -alone attitude’ has produced a society with never before seen elevated levels of depression, anxiety and other serious mental health issues. Our children’s behaviour is being normalised and gauged along the autism spectrum continuum. We live in a society dependent on anti-depressants and other mental health medication. To our detriment, bio-medical interventions have become our default position when we feel uncomfortable and out of sorts.

Where can you turn when you are ready to seek help? Counselling and psychotherapy is a proven treatment for people who are feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope with unexpected life challenges and events. Counselling offers support and guidance through those challenging times.

Much like leaving a physical medical condition untreated and having it turn into a much more serious life threating illness, emotional and mental health conditions also need treatment before they too become serious and life debilitating. Life challenges that are left unchecked and unresolved create problems with our emotional and mental wellbeing which present as emotional overwhelm, stress, anxiety and depression, along with a raft of other mental health issues. Unchecked, these unresolved challenges will impact on our physical health causing illness and conditions such as high blood pressure resulting in heart conditions, strokes and other life threatening illnesses.

Counselling and psychotherapy offers a safe and confidential space where support and guidance is offered and where the tools and skills needed to resolve the underlying issues driving dissatisfaction and frustration with life in general are taught. Effective counselling taps into the individual’s inherent personal resources and strengths required for empowerment and change.

Counselling and psychotherapy is excellent for overcoming the fears and anxieties we may experience in relationships with others, the world around us and ourselves.

The process of counselling and psychotherapy empowers people of all ages to gain new insights and fresh perspectives on old habits and patterns. Counselling and psychotherapy assists individuals to build healthy relationships with self and others through relational skill development and allows for a deeper sense of self, and the ability for greater empathy and compassion towards self and others.

If you would like to make positive change and improve your relational well-being or would like to find out how counselling and psychotherapy can help you then contact me now.

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