Relational Awareness

Relational awareness is an acquired skill integral to building authentic relationships and deeper connections. Relational awareness can enhance our intimatecounselling blog image interactions and connections with our partners, family, colleagues, casual acquaintances and the world around us. Healthy authentic relationships require us to be fully present and clear in all our relational interactions and accept the other person for who they truly are and not to attempt to change them to who they are not. Through building relational awareness we can develop the art of mindful relating.

The art of mindful relating has been described as a two-person meditation. Mindful relating shifts the focus from reflecting on what is happening within me to what is happening between us. This concept may seem foreign to most of us as we live in a world of individuals going about the business of living. This individualistic way of life has most of us living detached lives, emotionally isolated from each other. We seem to have lost contact with our authentic self and our intimate connections with others.
In today’s world the focus seems to be on a win at all cost mentality resulting in our interpersonal conflicts remaining unresolved as we shirk any responsibility for what is happening between us or the other. Attempts to re-connect are met with statements like “That is your problem, deal with it”. This way of being in the world and being in our relationships in general leaves us feeling isolated and disconnected within our relationships. The stonewalling that takes place within relationships is designed to protect us from being hurt and feeling the hurt of others. These inauthentic ways of relating are usually automatic, spontaneous and happen outside of our awareness.

The art of mindful relating re-builds intimate connections and heals our relational hurts. The focus is on how we do relationship with others and how our resistance and defenses play out in our relationships. The aim of mindful relating is to bring our creative and unique ways of relating with others into our awareness. Once we become more relationally aware and accepting of our unique relating style we can then begin the process of co-creating authentic relationships and intimate connections with ourselves, others, the world around us and beyond. In practicing relational awareness and developing a mindful relating practice we become more real and authentic in our relationships. We meet people as they truly are with greater clarity, empathy and compassion. We create greater freedom and creativity in expressing ourselves in a more whole-hearted and authentic way and forge deeper spiritual connections.

If you would like to make positive change and improve your relational well-being or would like to find out how mindful relating can help you then please contact me now.